Rashumon - Word Processor for Amiga

Developed by Michael Haephrati during 1989

Founder HarmonySoft - Creative Software for Creative People



A commercial graphic word processor , invented by Michael Haephrati.

Rashumon can handle multi-lingual text. Rashumon is fully featured and is the only one of it's kind for the Amiga. It includes Postscript level 2 support (with Type1 fonts) for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and Russian as well as English and more.

Special Features:

 Multiple selections

 Table generator

 Multiple key maps support (up to 5 simultaneously)

 Search and replace includes color, style and font filters

 Multi-lingual string gadgets to be used for creating and renaming files, drawers, etc.

 Imports and exports multilingual ASCII files from and to PC and MAC

 Ultra fast screen updating and scrolling

 IFF graphics support (import and export)

 Direct access to 255 characters of each font